Marco Cosentino Lagomarsino | Principal Investigator

Theoretical Physicist and qBio enthusiast. Master’s U. Milan, PhD AMOLF and U. Leiden, Postdoc Institut Curie, CNRS@Sorbonne, SPCG since 2018. I like models that guide the understanding of data and the development of new concepts and theories, such as Luria&Delbruck, Random Walk, and Fermi’s liquid drop. I am also a big fan of scaling concepts in just about everything.

Simone Pompei | Post Doc

Statistical Physicist. I work on the interface between statistical physics and quantitative biology, with a particular interest on population genetics and cancer evolution. This connection emerges at two levels: (i) data-driven quantitative approaches towards biological problems are grounded on statistical inference and on information theory and (ii) statistical mechanics provides key tools to model stochastic processes and to develop a coarse grained description of microscopic, or intrinsically noisy, systems.

Ludovico Calabrese | PhD

Theoretical Physicist. I like to use minimal models and proof-of-principle arguments to determine the essential conditions that cause a phenomenon. I am fascinated by genetic networks and the motifs/circuits found inside them and how living systems perform functional tasks largely by selecting the right architecture. In my research, I define mathematical models of cell growth and gene expression with three main questions in mind: (i) how do global parameters of biosynthesis vary across growth conditions (ii) what do these trends imply as to what is limiting for growth (iii) whether these trends can help us understand how the behavior of genetic circuits varies across growth conditions.

Rossana Droghetti | PhD

Physicist by training, I am broadly interested in biological questions. Right now I am trying to understand how cells tune their growth strategy in response to perturbations. My approach is quantitative, and sometimes I build models starting from experimental data, sometimes I use theoretical models to trigger new experiments.

Mattia Corigliano | PhD

Theoretical Physicist, cell-cycle guy. I like to address biological questions with tools borrowed from Statistical Physics and Probability Theory. One big question is how a cell decides to become two cells. Another big question is how this decision is coordinated with cell-growth.

Giorgio Tallarico | PhD

PhD student and man of few words.

Ilaria Iuliani | Alumni / Post Doc

Master University of Turin, PhD Sorbonne University.

Quentin Chaboche | Alumni / Master's student

Master EPFL. Now PhD student at Institut Curie, Paris.